Design Exchange Nottingham


12th April 2017

LocationAntenna Doors: 18:30 Talks: 19:00–21:00

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Cristiano Rastelli

Cristiano Rastelli

Let There Be Peace On CSS

In the last few months there’s been a growing friction between those who see CSS as an untouchable layer in the "separation of concerns" paradigm, and those who have simply ignored this golden rule and found different ways to style the UI, typically applying CSS styles via JavaScript. This debate is getting more and more intense, fiery and harsh every day, bringing division in a community that used to be immune to this kind of “wars”.

This talk will be my attempt to bring peace between the two fronts, help these two opposite factions to understand and listen to each other, see the counterpart’s points of views, find the good things they have in common, and learn something from that.

Cristiano is a passionate web designer & developer, currently Mobile Web Developer at Badoo. In love with Atomic Design, Style Guides and CSS architecture. Likes to work at the intersection of business, design and development.

Liam Hutchinson

Liam Hutchinson

Better Experience Design Through Facilitation

What’s the role of an Experience Designer? Different people will give you different answers. In this talk, I’m going to discuss what I believe is the best route to well-rounded experiences. Step away from your desks, drop the rockstar designer image and let's talk about facilitation.

Liam is an Experience Designer for Sky, one of the most recognised companies in the UK. By day, he brings stakeholders closer to their customers, and by night he likes to cook, power lift and enjoy the odd pale ale.

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