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9th November 2016

Antenna • Doors: 18:30 • Talks: 19:00–21:00

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Alice Bartlett

Alice Bartlett

Can’t you make it more like Bootstrap?

Alice leads the Financial Times’ Origami team. Origami aspires to create a unified style and experience for FT websites with tools that complement its design system and help developers build towards a common design. It also makes web development at the FT faster.

This talk will cover the difficulties with creating such a system and getting it adopted by a company with over 60 websites (not just!) many of which are written in legacy technologies, with deployment cycles of ‘monthly’ if you’re lucky.

Alice is a senior developer at the Financial Times. She leads development on the FT’s components system Origami. She has previously worked at The Government Digital Service (GDS), BERG, and IBM.

Cennydd Bowles

Cennydd Bowles

Ethical by Design

Over the next two decades, connected products will demand an unprecedented amount of user trust. Technologists and designers will ask the public for yet more of their attention, more of their data, more of their lives. AIs will know users’ deepest secrets. Co-operating devices will automate security and safety. Autonomous vehicles will even make life-or-death decisions for passengers.

But ours is an industry still unwilling to grapple with the ethical, social, and political angles of our futures. We mistakenly believe that technology is neutral; that inert objects cannot have moral characteristics. And so we make embarrassing blunders — racist chatbots, manipulative research, privacy violations — that undermine trust and harm those we should help.

This is a dangerous trajectory. We urgently need a deeper ethical dialogue about emerging technology, and interaction design's role within it. We’ll discuss why companies make poor ethical decisions, and ways for designers to engage positively and affect ethical outcomes, so that design decisions benefit not only ourselves but our wider communities and the world at large.

Cennydd is a digital product designer and writer. He has fifteen years of experience helping companies realise the benefits of good design, most recently as design lead at Twitter. Cennydd is author of the popular book Undercover User Experience Design (New Riders 2010) and is now working on Ethical by Design (due 2017).

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