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Introduction to Sketching and Visual Notetaking (Sketchnotes)

Sketches are often used to develop and express ideas. Sketchnotes offer greater expression, context, and engagement by including writing, drawings, lettering, and other visual elements. They’re a fast and flexible tool that can become an integral part of your UX process to support thinking and communication.

Sketchnotes by Makayla Lewis
Recent sketchnotes by Makayla Lewis — / @maccymacx

This hands-on session will be divided into 4 parts:

  1. Background and Examples: looking at the significance and benefits of sketchnoting with examples from UX and neighbouring fields.
  2. Sketchnotes 101: sketch along with the instructor through a series of best practice examples and fun exercises to find your personal style.
  3. Applied Sketchnotes: work in groups to explore ways to use sketchnotes in your work whilst obtaining constructive feedback from the tutor.
  4. Q&A: followed by recommended resources.

Beginners are encouraged to attend — a background in sketching, illustration, or sketchnotes is not needed.

Makayla Lewis

Dr Makayla Lewis has a PhD in HCI from City, University of London. Her interests include UX, co-design, smart money, and AI. She is also an accomplished visual thinker, sketching for a multitude of international organisations, and appearing in three books plus the Adobe Blog. She organises SketchnoteLDN meetup and sketchnote workshops.

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