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Next Event: 22 January 2020

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Pixels, IRL

Most digital designers and developers don’t get the joyous experience of touching and feeling the things they’ve created. Interest in generative art and design on the web is at an all-time high, but predominantly confined to screens and pixels. In this talk Charlotte will champion the joy of tactility in digital design by demonstrating a handful of methods that can enable you to realise your work in a physical space.


Charlotte Dann is a creative technologist and maker. Combining her two vocations of jewellery design and web development, she created Hexatope, a web app that enables anyone to design their own jewellery online, which she then fabricates in her East London studio.

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Love/Hate Digital Design

I would like to talk about firstly my love hate relationship with digital design, falling into it by accident and not really knowing that I liked it. A little about my practice - the power of being able to build websites as well as design them - and then mostly I will be about the work that I do at The Guardian and the challenges and considerations we face when it comes to designing the news - the highs and lows!

Ben Longden

Ben Longden is Digital Design Director and at the Guardian. He has helped to shape the Guardian digital experience across the website, apps, and digital platforms as well as working on some of the biggest news events over the past few years including Cambridge Analytica and the Paradise Papers. He is also a co-director at RoomFifty.

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